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She's hott like a boiling potttt!!

So i went to registration today
that crap took FOREVER
and i learned that parents in Downey are very violent when they have to wait with their kids in really long lines
it was funny because i went when it was the football players "turn" i guess and the lady was like "you play football??"
all i said was does it look like I play football
what a dumbass
anyways then i went to taco bell and saw Sergio and ADAMMM and some other kids and i got really excited!!!
and then i went home and now i just got up
just thought i would fill you cool kids in.

i miss my best friend jayme <//333 call me you whore!! :]!

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fuck i knoe i miss you too!
i wanna have your babies!!
ekks lol can we hang out?
please?? i wanna feel cool
because i'll be with you
hahah bye!!

and i alwasy call you and you never
answer!!!! =\ i love you jessica E. salzman =]
we can have all the babies you want
im ready and willing & i cant wait any longer
&&& yes we can hang out. All day and all night@!

i love you more jayme L. christmas :]]

thats me....::blushes::

of course its you

who else could it be??
your mom???

hahah i dunno lol
i love you!
yeah i was actually
talking about my MOM!!

how did you know??
hahah i love you!
hahaha i knew it!!..hey!

...dang..imma good guesser! lol

maybe youre psychic!

naw i dont think so...

i <3 you butt itcher!

your butt can get itchy
sometimes!! geez...hehe

I <3 YOU
i went to registration too and that shit did take forever!! i was there from like 8:25 till like 10:30 ! mrs. brown takes forever! <333 sophia
hahaha yeah that lady was preeetty slow
RAWR...she should speed it up! <33
shut up hoe! AWW YOUR CUTE WITH A K!
shut up???

only because you said to!
jessica jessica jessica ! you little girl. i miss you ! i miss our crazy talks about "crusty" people AW Man. well skool is coming and i will see you once again so you better hide . my summer has been great. ive done alot of things .. but i have no man still haha. well XO! and im me my sn is the same as my lj. bye sexy .
aww i miss you and our talks toooo!!
my summer is okay and like you i have no man! =[
but its okay because we have each other <33
and i cant wait until i get to see you again!